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Environmental Responsibility

Cleaning systems with a clean ecological balance

The responsible treatment of raw materials and resources has determined the KLEEN PURGATIS business practices right from the start. Heightening the awareness of the effects of raw materials, production and use of products on the environment is an essential part of initial and further training for employees and customers.

Ecological aspects have a decisive impact on energy management, transport decisions or packaging choice. KLEEN PURGATIS actively participates in the EU Environmental Management System (EMAS) – the company is certified by the Ordinance of Environmental Management and is listed in the European site register.

The number of users that want to have the ecological quality of chemical products guaranteed, is growing continually. KLEEN PURGATIS therefore has it top products successively provided with the ECOLABEL seal of quality so that it can provide the customers with the certainty that they have also made the right choice when taking ecological aspects into account. 


Learn more about the awarded ECOLABEL products from KLEEN PURGATIS here: http://ecolabel-produkte.de.